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FLT Construction Update

As many of you know there is some construction happening at the site where we normally run the Finger Lakes Triathlon.  However, we have received confirmation from the developers that there will be no further construction at the site before this year's race (kid's race September 6th/Adult races September 7th).  So as it stands now is how it will be on race day (though if I'm feeling frisky I'm going to try and pretty up the fencing with something nice that I haven't thought of yet - any ideas out there are welcome - maybe an inspiration wall of posters to encourage racers - just remember they all must come down before we leave ).  

So, after reviewing the site with my race team we have determined that we can fully run the race as normal - (well for you nitpickers there will be some minor adjustments but nothing major).  One of those minor adjustments is that there will be fewer registration slots this year (though nowhere near the reduction of what it would have been if we had had to use our backup race plan).

So, based on where we are at now with registration, my guess is that the race will sell out by early August - SO IF YOU PLAN ON DOING THIS AWESOME, AMAZING, STUPENDOUS TRIATHLON (my words) - PLEASE REGISTER ASAP AND DON'T GO THROUGH THE HEARTBREAK OF THE DREADED WAIT LIST.

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